Your Farmers

We are a small team with a passion to provide a local source of food to your family. We look forward to working with you.

Aaron Stark

Some of my earliest memories are living on the farm. I still remember my families large garden, watching my Dad work with his pigs, gathering eggs from the chicken coop, and roaming everywhere I could with my dog. Those days where short lived and my family moved to town. Even then my hands were in the dirt, and I would grow tomatoes in a little bed behind our house. Life took me in many different directions. First to college, then to the big city, and finally God led me to Trenton, Missouri. There I met my wife of 15 years, surrendered to the ministry, had four children, became a school teacher, and much, much more. Then seven years ago my life changed drastically. I had gradually become more and more unwell with doctors not really knowing what was the cause. I finally was diagnosed with just about every food allergy known to man (at least that is how it felt). This began a journey that completely changed my families view of food. We started eating cleaner, making all of our food from the most basic ingredients. Fruits and vegetables became a standard in our diet. About a year ago, we were blessed to be able to move onto the farm where my wife grew up. With the additional space, gardening went from a hobby to a passion. I am so excited because I believe that God is working to open doors and make this shared dream of TableTop Farms a reality.

I look forward to meeting each of you in the future.

Andrew Geiser

I grew up in a little town in central Missouri where I spent a lot of my time shadowing my grandparents; working in the garden and flower beds, helping neighbors, traveling to north Missouri to help on the farm, and watch what it was like to be a follower of God.

When I was 19 I married, moved to the city, and started a family, but I didn’t go far from my roots. I worked at the local conservation area managing over 10,000 acres of wildlife habitat and growing crops where I gained a great respect for His creation. I still traveled to the farm to help out with whatever my great-grandfather needed to be done. It always felt like home and where I was called to be.

A few years later my family and I moved to my hometown where I took a job with a local city as their assistant city forester and volunteered through different services. We took over my grandparents garden and grandma taught us the value of “putting up food”.

Time passed and so did my great-grandfather leaving a need for someone to tend to the “family farm”; the place that had been calling for so many years. So last year my wife, Lisa of 14 years, my two children; Ellah and David, and I made the move to fulfill that need. Call it raised up right or a calling from when I was a boy, tending to plants and service to people is in the blood and the heart. I believe we are called to be a good stewards of the land and leave it better than when we received it.

I am looking forward to sharing our business with you and getting to know you in the coming seasons.

Michelle Stark

What should you know about me? I’m really not sure. So let me tell you about the incredible path that God has led me on. I was raised on the farm just north of Trenton, MO. Like most farm kids my days were spent watering cows, weeding gardens, playing with the family dog, and working alongside my family. Each summer my family would grow a large sweet corn patch that we would pick to sell in town.

Many things in life seem to come full circle. I went away to college and ended up moving back to Trenton to get married and start a family. We lived in town for 14 years and then last year God opened doors and blessed us immensely by allowing us to move back to the farm I grew up on. A year ago we were uncertain as to why God was moving us in that direction, but after much seeking decided to follow His leading. Today, that has become more clear as we see God’s hand and His further leading to create Tabletop Farms. It is amazing to see how God has moved me away from the farm in preparation to lead me home to a new chapter. I guess He knows I need the forewarning since change is very difficult for me.

While I am excited to see the gardens planted, and to see my children have the opportunity to experience the joys of the farm, I look forward to sharing my love of cooking and the kitchen with you. I enjoy making bread, canning jams, jellies, and garden produce, and cooking for people who enjoy eating.

I look forward to sharing recipes, and meeting many happy eaters.

Lisa Geiser

I was raised in a subdivision that at the time was 7 miles out of town; I thought I was in the country…but very quickly the town grew to our subdivision. I spent a lot of time hanging out with parents. When I got old enough I would help my mom with the flower beds and my dad with whatever he was doing. We were always doing something or going somewhere.

During my school years, I played a lot of soccer and trained my own horses, but it wasn’t too long before I went off to college. That is where I met my husband, Andrew, of 14 years. We soon were married, he moved to my town, and the seasons of life began.

I took a summer job on a beautification crew planting annuals, trees, and shrubs. I had found a new passion. There was just something gratifying about giving bare dirt life and seeing the transformation. I later worked at a local college doing much of the same but this time more involved with the designing and managing aspect. Within a few years, our family started and Ellah was brought into the world, but it wasn’t long until another season came and we moved to Andrew’s home town and had David. Over the next 10 years, I worked for a vineyard and a state agency, we traveled between my hometown and Andrew’s family’s farm and also spent a lot time with his grandparents. Each summer we planted a garden and helped Andrew’s grandma with the canning. It was again gratifying to seeing the fruits of our labor and gain the knowledge to store food, resulting in another passion to be more than self sufficient, but also the want to pass that knowledge to others. That wasn’t the only thing I gained. God took a hold of my heart and I learned what it was like to follow Him. Andrew’s great grandfather also passed within these years and over time we spent more time at the family farm. The last year and half we felt that we were being lead to once again start a new season of life and so we began our journey to move to the farm. Now that we are here, I can only see a small piece of where He is taking us.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing my passions.

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