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About Community Supported Agriculture

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

Community-supported agriculture farms began in the early 1960s in Germany, Switzerland, and Japan as a response to concerns about food safety and the urbanization of agricultural land. Groups of consumers and farmers in Europe formed cooperative partnerships to fund farming and pay the true costs of ecologically sound and socially equitable agriculture. Joining a CSA is a shared commitment between the consumer and the farmer providing some certainty to the farmer in the way of a secure market for our produce in the fickle world we know as farming. Our goal at TableTop Farms LLC is to provide the highest quality produce possible. We strive to offer the most organized and effective way for consumers to buy seasonally fresh food directly from a local farm.

As we begin this endeavor we look forward to meeting you- whether on the farm or in the market. Agriculture has long been about relationships – farmers meeting the needs of their communities. We are looking forward to building that kind of community with you.

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Share Sizes & Costs

2020 Season CSA Share details

  • Produce Only-Farmers Choice: $255 for 17 weeks ($15 per week, includes tax, and deposit for CSA box/bag). This amount of produce is suitable for a single family which regularly eats a lot of vegetables and cooks at least 4-5 meals at home per week. A Full Share typically contains 7-9 different vegetables per week (quantities are less the first few weeks of the season, and more during the peak of the growing season). Customer will receive produce that the farm chooses to go in their box. If customer is on vacation, or if box is not picked up, then that weeks box is forfeit. Farm will not send notifications or contact customer if box is not picked up.

Chicken Share: Our Non-GMO fed meat chickens are housed in a portable nets and moved thru the pasture in a timely fashion so as to provide nutrients to the soil and clean up insects.

  • Full Share: $450.00 for 150 lbs. of meat at  $3.00/lb. (6-8 birds) on each of the 5 processing dates. Sales tax is covered in price.   Must pickup on the specified date unless arrangements have been made. Dates will be posted when available. Birds will be approximately 3.5-4.5 lbs.
  • Half Share:-$225.00 for 75 lbs. of meat at $3.00/lb.  (3-4 birds) on each of the 5 processing dates.  Sales tax is included in price.   Must pickup on the specified date unless other arrangements have been made. Dates will be posted when available. Birds will be approximately 3.5-4.5 lbs.
  • TableTop Butchering Option:-$525.00 for full chicken box or Half Chicken Share is $262.50.  Birds are processed on farm by TableTop Farms, and will only be processed one time a year.  Sales tax is included in price.   Must pickup on the specified date unless other arrangements have been made. Dates will be posted when available. Birds will be approximately 3.5-4.5 lbs.
  • Egg Share:  $55 for 20 dozen, 1 dozen eggs per week ($2.75/week, includes tax). Added egg shares will be delivered weekly with your vegetables. Payment is made in addition to your CSA membership. Our hens spend their days on fresh grass eating bugs, grass, weeds & veggie scraps. We also offer them supplemental Non-GMO grain to round out their diet.
  • Produce Pick up: Produce maybe picked up in Trenton at the specified day/time at no cost in Trenton on Thursday from 3PM-6PM.
  • Payment Plan: If you sign up for a box/membership by March 15, 2020 then we will divide your total invoice into 5 monthly payments. After March 15, it will be at the discretion of TableTop Farms, LLC to allow you to join our subscriptions/memberships/boxes. If we grant permission to enroll then payments will be set up so that they are paid in full by August 1st.

TableTop Market Membership: This option gives you both flexibility and convenience.  A membership as low as $200 or as high as $800 allows you to purchase all of the products we offer through the use of a pre-loaded TableTop card.  Members will go online and select the items they desire and the quantity whenever it is convenient for them. Orders will be hand packed before the stand is set up, guaranteeing you get the freshest products.  Pickup will be fast and easy, with only a card swipe required.  Card can be reloaded when initial balance has been utilized.  Chickens purchased through this method are at bulk or stand price.

Bulk Vegetable Purchases: Bulk quantities can also be purchased throughout the season for canning, freezing, and storage as the vegetables are available. Throughout the season the farmer will notify members when bulk quantities are available.

Bulk Chicken Purchases: Bulk quantities (10 or more) can be purchase throughout the season at a discounted cost per pound. Please contact farmer via email or phone for available quantities or pre-orders.

How do I become a member?

We currently limit the membership to the number we can feed from the farm and we accept members on a first come, first served basis.

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What if I can’t pick up my share?

If you cannot pick up a scheduled delivery, you have three options: 1. Have a friend pick it up for you (the best option!) 2. Contact the farmer 3 days in advance to reschedule for the other pick-up day of the same week. If you usually pick up Saturday, you would pick up the Wednesday before, and if you pick up on Wednesday you would pick up the following Saturday. This change means you go to a different distribution site and is limited to three times per season per membership. 3. Lose your share for that week. We cannot hold produce over until the next week. *** Please note *** We understand that you may be disappointed if you forget or something comes up and you are unable to pick up your CSA share. However, without one day prior notification to us, it is not possible to “hold over” your veggies for longer than the alloted pick up time. Any un-picked up CSA shares will be distributed at the discretion of the site host and are not replaceable or refundable.

Can I visit the farm?

We highly encourage CSA shareholders to visit the farm. After all this is the place that will be providing you and your family with a large portion of the food you will be eating for at least 24 weeks of the year. Please remember, however, this is a working farm and we are very busy! If you are interested in visiting the farm please call or e-mail us in advance so we can set up a time to meet and we will be happy to give you a tour.

Make The Most Out Of Your CSA Membership

How can I be assured the vegetables will be of good quality?

The quality of your vegetables is determined by a variety of factors. At the farm, we go to great lengths to optimize the variables that are controllable. Almost everything delivered in the boxes is harvested within 24 hours of you receiving the boxes. I harvest as early in the day as possible and immediately bring the vegetables into the shaded washing area. Those vegetables that respond best to a cold-water bath are then washed and moved into coolers for storage. There are a few crops such as onions and potatoes, which will store longer if not rinsed.

Once your veggies are delivered it is up to you to continue preserving their quality. To keep your produce as fresh as possible, pick up as early as you can on your delivery day. I use cedar crates covered with wet burlap sacks, which help hold the cool moist temperatures of the produce, however, the delivery site does not have refrigeration, so the sooner you pick up the better. During the heat of the summer the freshness and quality of your produce can quickly go down hill so once you get home store your various vegetables properly.

Despite my every effort there will sometimes be crops that do not do well due to weather, pests, etc. If there are certain crops which do not do well they will not be included in your shares and I will make sure to let you know in the newsletter.

In no way do I feel it acceptable to put less than the highest quality produce in your share. Try as hard as I may you might receive something that you are not happy with. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the produce you have received than please contact me and I will make every effort to rectify the situation.

What if I don’t like a specific vegetable?

This is one of the beauties of joining a CSA. The wide variety of produce you will receive throughout the season provide you with the opportunity to try things you may not be familiar with. The very seasonality of growing vegetables in mid-Missouri assures you that if there are some things you don’t like, no worries, you won’t get them for too many weeks. Try new recipes or give those things to other CSA members, friends or neighbors.